Body Blessed

Naturally great skin care


When I say that all my ingredients are "natual", I mean that each comes directly from nature with minimal processing. This includes oils pressed from their fruits or essential oils distilled from plants. I avoid all petro-chemcial byproducts, phalates, known carcinogens and other nasties. Keep it simple.

Oils & Butters

Oils and butters form the basis of all our products. Each one has adds something unique to the finished product. These ingredients are extracted from the original plant and can be liquid or solids at room temperature. Read more in progress

Essential Oils

Essential oils are an extraction from a variety of plant sources - fruits, leaves, bark. They are extracted in several methods such as steam and pressing. While certainly natural, essential oils are safe in small quantities and should be used with understanding. Read more in progress

Other Ingredients

Read more in progress